Concord Floral is a million square foot abandoned greenhouse and a hangout for neighbourhood kids.                       But something has happened there. Something nobody wants to talk about. Concord Floral re-imagines Giovanni Boccaccio's medieval allegory The Decameron in a contemporary Canadian suburb, in which ten teens must flee a plague they have brought upon themselves. 

Written by Jordan Tannahill

Directed by Erin Brubacher and Cara Spooner

Assistant Director | Erum Khan
Stage Manager | Chad Dembski
Lighting Designer | Kimberly Purtell
Lighting Constultant | Kaitlin Hickey
Composer and Sound Designer | Christopher Willes
Sound Consultant | Matthew Pence

Vancouver, 2017 Ensemble: 
Shanna Anderson, Erica Bruci, Howard Dai, Finnegan Howes, Chantal Gering, Anthony Goncharov, Rashi Grewal, Syrah Khan, Sienna Orbell, Yulia Skobkareva

Toronto, 2016 Ensemble:
Madison Baines, Ofa Gasesepe, Theo Gallaro, Franco Pang, Jovana Miladinovic, Davinder Malhi, Jessica Munk, Mick Robertson, Rashida Shaw, Melisa Sofi 
Ottawa, 2016 Ensemble:
Madison Baines, Ofa Gasesepe, Connor McMahon, Sofie Milito, Carolina Munoz Jasa, Emily Ong, Franco Pang, Aurel Pressat Irigukunze, Sadie Snow and Stefanie Velichkin

Toronto, 2014 Premiere Ensemble: 

Sahra Del, Theo Gallaro, Erum Khan, Eartha Masek-Kelly, Jovana Miladinovic, Jessica Munk, Troy Sarju, Rashida Shaw, Melisa Sofi and Liam Sullivan 

The production is accompanied by a photographic exhibition: 
This is my room. Look. 

PuSh International Performing Arts Festival, Vancouver | January 25-29 2017
Shadbolt Centre for the Arts | January 19-21, 2017
Surrey Arts Centre | February 3-4, 2017
Canadian Stage, Toronto | September 27th- October 16th, 2016
National Arts Centre, Ottawa | March 29th-April 9th, 2016 (Watch the Ottawa Cast on CBC here)
Magnetic North Theatre Festival, Whitehorse | June, 2016
Theatre Centre, presented by Why Not Theatre, Toronto | October 12 - 26, 2014 (World Premiere)


Concord Floral is a show that stays with you... The Toronto Star 
Spine-tingling Concord Floral... The Globe and Mail
Concord Floral is in full bloom... NOW Magazine
A continuous symphony of speech... National Post

CBC radio interview with Jordan Tannahill and Erin Brubacher

The World Premiere of Concord Floral was a Suburban Beast production, presented by Why Not Theatre at The Theatre Centre in Toronto, October 2014
Written by Jordan Tannahill
Created and Directed by Erin Brubacher, Cara Spooner and Jordan Tannahill
Ensemble | Sahra Del, Theo Gallaro, Erum Khan, Eartha Masek-Kelly, Jovana Miladinovic, Jessica Munk, Troy Sarju, Rashida Shaw, Melisa Sofi and Liam Sullivan 
Composer and Sound Designer
| Christopher Willes
Lighting Designer
| Kimberly Purtell
Stage Manager
| Laura Hendrickson
Production photography
| Erin Brubacher
Concord Floral was nominated for six 2014-15 Dora Mavor Moore Awards: Outstanding Production, Outstanding Direction, Outstanding Lighting Design, Outstanding Sound Design, and Outstanding Performance - Ensemble and won the Dora for Outstanding New Play.
The play went on to win the 2015 Carol Bolt Award and was shortlisted for the 2016 Governor General's Award for Drama.

Press from premiere Toronto production

A four-star show that's artfully structured... The Globe and Mail
New play showcases an impressive generation of new actors... NOW Magazine
In Concord Floral, the kids aren't all right... The Torontoist

November 1-11, 2012, Theatre Passe Muraille, Toronto
May 12, 2012, Festival of Ideas and Creation, Canadian Stage, Toronto
Ensemble | Sarha Del, Mark Correia, Theo Gallaro, Erum Khan, Michelle Kuzemczak, Alex Lee, Julian Lee, Rashida Shaw, Gretta Whipple, and Julie Zenderoudi
| Naomi Skwarna
Production Manager
| Rae Powell
Stage Manager | Laura Hendrickson
Projection Desiger
| Sam Lebel-Wong

For touring and production information contact Erin Brubacher | erinbrubacher[at]

For information regarding the script contact Jordan Tannahill's agents Colin Rivers | (for productions in Canada/Poland/Japan) or Luke Holbrook | (for all other territories)