Is there such thing as an honest day's work?
Honesty is a verbatim theatre intervention that plays out in various locations within Toronto's iconic discount emporium, Honest Ed's. Shape-shifting between voices, transcending age, gender, and race, performer Virgilia Griffith embodies the diverse people who sustain the store on a daily basis. 

Co-Produced with the Koffler Centre for the Arts

Written and Directed by Jordan Tannahill

Performed by Virgilia Griffith

Production Assistance from Naomi Skwarna

October 18 – November 4, 2020
Honest Ed's, Toronto

2013 Dora Award Nomination for 'Best Performance' (Virgilia Griffith), Independent Theatre Division

'You'll never see salespeople the same way after attending Honesty. It's an eyeopening experience.' NNNN - Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine   Timing Relays   London Ontario Lawn Care   Cannect   Brantford search engine optimization