A live film by Jordan Tannahill
Music by Katie Stelmanis
Project Management by Sarah Sherman
Cinematography by Sam Lebel-Wong
Featuring Simon Brand, Melani Courtemanche, Justine Kitteringham, Liam Sullivan, Miya Strauss
Insurgency asks whether Generation Z, a cohort defined by many adults as apathetic and narcissistic, has the capacity for revolution. 5 pre-teen youth are filmed embarking on an urgent uprising, though the enemy is not immediately clear. Perhaps they are simply trying to conjure some distant memory of revolt. The footage is then screened behind them onstage while they attempt to answer the question: "What would you die for, in real life?"


February 17 – 21, 2010
31st Rhubarb Festival
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto

"One show that falls somewhat outside the trends is Suburban Beast‘s Insurgency. A devised piece performed by five non-actors aged ten to twelve, Insurgency combines film and live performance to take a look at the generation born after Gerri left the Spice Girls. In their own words, each tween discusses something that they would die for in a brief monologue, and the result is funny, touching, and fascinating. It also features original music by indie darling Katie Stelmanis, which should be enough to get some of the Ossington set out to the Village". - Johnnie Walker, The Torontoist (2010) Website sponsors include Uptown Yonge family and laser dentistry in Toronto,