Sunny, aka rihannaboi95, made some videos and while yeah, they're getting him lots of hits, some people at school found them too and now the eggshell world he so carefully treads is threatening to implode. Cloistered within the bedroom of his friend Keira, a Shopper's makeup queen, Sunny records a video for his loyal viewers, invoking the spirit of his YouTube namesake when he needs her most.
A viral play by Jordan Tannahill
Directed by Zack Russell
Featuring Owais Lightwala
Produced and Production Designed by Naomi Skwarna
Dramaturgical Assistance from Erin Brubacher 

rihannaboi95 was performed nightly April 23-28, 2013 in an inner suburban Toronto bedroom and live-streamed to audiences' computers around the world. 
2013 Dora Award for 'Best New Play', Theatre for Young Audiences Division
2013 Dora Awards Nomination for 'Best Director' (Zack Russell) and 'Best Performance', Theatre for Young Audiences Division
Published in Age of Minority: 3 Solo Plays by Jordan Tannahill (Playwrights Canada Press, Nov 2013)

For more information about rihannaboi95, you can read Jordan's article 'The New Intimacy: rihannaboi95 and Web Theatre' in the Canadian Theatre Review.


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